Saturday, December 15, 2007

Spanked in the Morning

Totally my fault, and I admit it.

You see, I am sick (having two things running at once), on antibiotics, with runny eyes and nose, a horrible cough and so on, but I managed - don't ask me know - to stay up, as tired as I was, until 5am. And until my cough allowed me to fall asleep it had already become 6. No kidding.

This morning I woke up around 9 first and asked Jack what time it was. Then fell asleep again. Then I woke up one more time and asked again what time it was - it had become 11. He said something about me going to bed at 5am.

"How do you know that," I asked.
"You can't hide things from your... Master."

Tingle tingle in my tummy. On the spot. I am too tired to remember how things went on, but soon enough I was on his lap getting my ass spanked red for being up so late. Does being sick make your butt more resistant? I swear, this morning I could have taken anything and everything. I didn't protest, didn't put my hand back to cover my butt, I didn't clench, I didn't scream. I cried a bit at the end, when it had started hurting, but there was no big fuss.

My question is: what's gotten into Jack to spank me? Is it because I am downloading at the moment a few gigabytes of spanking movies? Is it because he watched something? Was it just to get me horny? I have a feeling he peeked a little at my movies... hehe

Anyway, my butt is fine now and my attitude has improved. :)
I still want the belt though - badly.


Paul said...

Kay, have you asked Jack for the belt, or at least hinted.
Anything leather was our implement of choice.
My Mel would have had a good dose of the tawse had she stayed up so late when ill.
Hope that you feel better dear girl.
Love and warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Noooo I haven't asked for the belt. I haven't hinted either. He should know. He knows I love belts. But for some weird reason he thinks I like canes also, but I don't. In the same time, I am scared of the belt so it's hard to ask... But anyway, how the heck do you ask for the belt?...

:) Mel was a lucky person. :) And so were you, having found each other like that. :)

Big warm hugz,